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e-Design Styling Package, One Room

T_his Service will help you with the styling of one room. Whether it's balancing your bookshelf or adding the right pillows to your sofa, or placing the right items on your coffee table_.

With this package you will receive:

  1.  A floor plan indicating the placement of every piece.

  2.  A customized mood board for better visualization of the items in the room.

  3.  A detailed shopping list.

  4.  One round of revision.

  5.  And every helpful guideline we can give you.

What we will need after you purchased the e-Design Styling Package

  1.  Fill out the interior design questionnaire.
  2.  Book your 30-Minute free consultation
  3.  After our conversation we will set you up on Mydoma Studio
  4.  Upload pictures of your room from every angle on the Studio
  5.  Send measurement and sketch of your room. ( You will receive a guideline for how to measure)
  6.  Send inspirational pictures (You could share your boards from Pinterest and Houzz)

1-2 weeks after completion of the questionnaire you will receive your e-Design Plan. Please make sure to consider your answers carefully as we will be basing the design on your responses.  

This is a custom e-Design service, no in-home consultation is provided with this package.

Our Website: www.essenceofdesign.net